Snorkel Avocado Icepick EP

by Axis & Atlas

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released 06 September 2012



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Track Name: Barry
You let me in two swinging French doors for me.
A rare type of kindness, more like a virus, that is too small to see.
I opened your mind, and your eyes, heart and throat just for jokes
So close your mouth, baby, tongue and cheek
This is the cure for the curse,
You bestowed upon us the day you found earth
A reminder we're mortals lying fucking dying at best
My thirst was not quenched
No, for centuries I've been searching for you
My veins will not rest, no
Until they would have you running through
And now that you're here in my arms your will
I ask of you,
Wish to be turned, and in turn, you will lose your fear
Well, this is the life
You're offering
One of painlessness, yeah, yet misery
Fuck it, you know, you set me free
I suspect we're busted, and fear that they've come wise to our ways
They’ll chase us, and they'll catch us and they'll stake us and they'll hang us in town on display
Let’s run while we can
Oh, at dusk we will make our escape
That’s if by then, baby it is not too…
Baby, oh baby, this bedroom is on fire again
And they’re waiting outside for our heads
Now blessed with the choice to confess or burn to death
Track Name: Kittens in Peril
You say that you know why the lines in the skies are misting mass particles and drift like my eyes
Never felt so alive in my life
Distant visions of massive explosions in the sky
(The sky) is falling down on us all
And when it does, oh tell me, will you head for the hills or will you hide underground?
The place where we’re all from,
And destined to baby
Yeah someday you and I, will melt with this earth and become one,
(One) of these days,
I’ll get this shit right, but it’s hard to be optimistic, with a tide on the rise
(Rise) to your feet if you can muster the strength
We’ve got so far to go
I don’t think we’ll make it,
Lord knows we gotta try
To control your breathing
To slow your heart rate
Keep mind from tongue, lie from lung as you’re screaming inside
To yourself trying to make sense of this life
Well there’s got to be so much more to this than just coincidence or an eye for an eye
(I)for one am so fucking tired of always getting the runaround and of being stepped upon
(Upon) first sight I’d say that we were slighted
But upon taring the scales, found we were right on man
Track Name: Snorkel Avocado Icepick
Have you got some verbs? Because I’ve got some stashed
Let’s combine efforts and go nowhere fast
Oh the things we could do
If I had the cash, or if I had the gas, just to get to your house before, “Oh, she just left”
Oh the things we could do
(The things we can do)
Snorkel, avocado, ice pick
Trust me; I’ve made more with much less
Final notice, a bill for my health
Can’t fuckin’ pay that shit, can’t even feed myself
Oh the things we could do
Oh the wonderful news
Oh the things we could do
If only it were true
The lights went out again, the heat got shut off
We’re three weeks late on rent, yeah and all being robbed
By the guys in the suits, under guise of the truth, by the guys in the suits
Snorkel, avocado, ice pick
Trust me; I’ve made more with much less
You say,
“You’re the best fucking thing, that’s ever happened to me in my life”
Well if it’s true, then why did you leave my side?
You say that we want different things
Well, you just want a different ring girl
Well it’s fine and it’s swell, well, I’ll see you in…
Track Name: Conspirator
To see you leave
Yeah, that would be enough for me
If I said that you shouldn’t well you probably would and if I told you you couldn’t could consider it done
Well I guess that’s just single barrel double sided love
To watch me bleed
Or take the very last breath from me
Well you took what you wanted while I wanted to run
With this match that you started lit this fire for fun
Well I guess that’s just double barrel single sided love
I told you your excuses elicit no response
Just breathe
Take it all in as if this were the first time my fingers ran through your hair
And your lips and your smile were on mine and your heart was on your sleeve
You said,
“Don’t be afraid; just keep your eyes on me”.
Et tu, Brute?
Conspirator what have you say
Conspirator what have you…?
Et tu, Brute?
Conspirator what have you say?
Conspirator what have you…?
I told you your excuses elicit no response
Well take what you need,
And leave the rest back up on the highest shelf
Well if you take it from me
You’ll never love anyone if you don’t love yourself
If I could take one thing from you and add it to myself
It would be, without a doubt, your confidence
If I could
Just take one part of you and feed it to the wolves
It would be, without a doubt, your convoluted sense of self worth